Sometimes when you think that you can get away with a thing that you did, you actually can’t. Being caught on camera for playing a prank or stealing for the kitchen is definitely not what you would hope to happen with you. But the people on their list certainly didn’t get away with anything they did. So, let’s check out what going on in these images.

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1. “This hawk came into my house this morning and made a complete fool of himself.”

2. “My daughter used markers to put ‘makeup’ on her dolls. I tried to wash them. Cinderella had an especially rough night.”

3. “There were two edibles in here last night. Someone in my family is having an interesting day…”

4. “My sister tried to buy a mirror on Craigslist, and no picture was put up, so she asked the guy to send her one…was not disappointed.”

5. “I tried to grow potatoes, 10 weeks after I get this.”

6. “Sneaking wine into the office like.”

7. “She didn’t have a problem with it until we were 2 hours away from home, then suddenly it was a huge problem.”

8. “Thinking of buying a bra just for the sake of it.”

9. “I’ve waited my entire life to see someone actually try this.”

10. “South Korean football club uses sex dolls to fill an empty stadium.”

11. “After returning home, this is how we caught my husky eating cat food…”

12. “I’ve been caught. What do I do?”

13. “He was just trying to take a nap.”

14. “This fat fool had to be rescued by animal control.”

15. “My mom issues addresses for a Parish in Louisiana. One of the requirements to issue an address is that the building’s front door needs to be in place. This is what she rolled up to this morning.”

16. “We sent the new kid at work on a fool’s errand to go buy some ‘Elbow Grease.’ He came back with his. This kid is going places.”

17. “Found my dog like this; she ate through her bed and got herself caught.”

18. “Meet my boy Dez who had to check what was hiding in a cave by the road. Apparently, pain is not in his vocabulary.”

19. “I got caught taking a ‘Boyfriends of Instagram’ photo.”

20. “My cat caught a lizard and had no idea how to proceed.”

21. “My security camera caught this shady character.”

22. “My friend is a middle school teacher. She caught a student with this today.”

23. “Lanyard caught on the handle, and my keys swung inside the door as I closed it. Stupidest way to lock yourself out?”

24. “A friend of mine set out traps to catch a raccoon. Caught his black lab instead.”

25. “Caught in the act. I come home to this at least 4 times a week.”

26. “I can’t believe my 11 years old actually tried to pull this off.”

27. “I came home to a postman’s noble attempt to hide my package. Nobody will suspect a thing.”

28. “Daredevil Halloween Candy Heist has been caught red-handed.”

29. “Tried to take a selfie at JFK. I caught this gem before I could figure out how to reverse the cam.”

30. Just Another Life Hack.