Writing a short and sharp caption is not everyone’s cup of tea. But we have collected a bunch of the best advertising captions floating around out there.

Honestly, an underrated selling feature.

I’m not going to suggest that the baptists had ’em rolling in the pews here, or even that they’d need a mop handy for all the conversions they’d be making.

You know that friend who’s always correcting your grammar? This is why they do it.

Garden centers apparently spend their winters nurturing and feeding their puns.

I have to assume that Domino’s saves their A-material for their boxes.

Oh that Joe, always putting his co-workers’ well-being at risk!

Finally, some truth in advertising.

Okay, this synagogue gets a slow clap.

Here’s one that we can all agree on, at least.

You know what? I’ve heard worse arguments for highway safety.

Sometimes bookstores are just a bit too on the nose.

So, you’re saying my emotional support badger is fine?

Well, it’s always nice to know you’re a valued member of the team.

You and your chums best are out of the pool by 10!

Just goes to show, Vanilla Ice is a timeless communicator if his lyrics can be applied to road safety.

When you’re trying to attract business from the lucrative billionaire NFL owner crowd.

Well, I mean, what if he stretches out the fabric?

Ah, now this baker has the soul of a poet.

Sometimes a sign sees me coming before I even get there.

One thing you can be sure of at this Super 8: They won’t make their guests suffer an infestation.