15 Bone-Chilling Photos That Have Even More Terrifying Backstories.

We know a well-known cliche that ” a photo contains many hidden words “. As trite as the expression has come to be, there’s still a valuable kernel of truth there. Photos have one quality. They transfer the feelings instantly that no amount of written description ever could.

That’s what makes these historical photos so chilling. Some of them are pretty famous, and others maybe you not seen before. Each photo preserves something indescribable inside it.

All over the world, we have some photos for you related to this. Look at them and tell us how many photos affect you.

1. This is from the Soviet Union during a severe famine that shows a Siberian couple selling body parts. The photographer claimed were those of the couple’s own children. Hunger leads people to make drastic decisions, but this is simply unthinkable.

selling photos


2. Due to tuberculosis, Maria de Hoya passed away at the age of 21.  During her treatment, her doctor, Carl Tanzer, fell in love with her. After she died, he kept and mummified her body. He kept her corpse for seven years before he was finally caught and imprisoned.

15 Bone-Chilling Photos That Have Even More Terrifying Backstories.


3. In 2015, a masked man dressed as Darth Vader walked into a Swedish school with a sword. Many students posed with him for pictures. After the cameras were away, he drew the sword and went to the stage killing two students and injured many.

cruel bone less  photos

4. In Chicago in 1948, Chalifoux and her husband sold their 4 children to labor farms. But many claimed that photo was staged, they were nonetheless separated. Sent with other families and none of them saw each other again until 2013.

bone for sale photos

5. In 2012, James Holmes entered an Aurora, Colorado theater and opened fire on the audience. Later he told the authorities his apartment was rigged with explosives. Fortunately, the bomb squad reached on time and neutralize these bombs and captured it.

no bone is there photos

6. In 1947, the Thomas family went on a picnic near the Hansen Dam in Los Angeles. They lose their two children here. The photo captures Mrs. Thomas’s reaction to seeing the drowned body of her daughter. Also, she found dead her son soon after.

dead bone photos

7. Look at the photo, it shows a rubber worker in Belgian Congo staring at the served hand and foot of his 5-year-old daughter, who was killed because he didn’t achieve his daily target. The photo shows the height of the brutality at heart colonialism.

cutted bone

8. This historic photograph is remembered as the “The Last Jew of Vinnitsa.” The photo shows a Jewish man being humiliated and executed by Nazis in the Ukrainian town of Vinnitsa. Chillingly, this photo was found in a soldier’s scrapbook after the war, a memento of his time with the SS.

last bone photos

9. Serial killer Harvey Glatman would pose as a photographer to lure them into his home where he would later rape and murder them, taking pictures the whole time. This photo shows one of the women, Judith Dull, who became his first victim in 1957.

bondage bone photos

10. Jim Jones was a cult leader who amassed a huge following and later instigated a mass suicide at their Jonestown compound in Guayana. Few truly have a sense of the devastation this tragedy caused until they see a picture of the aftermath.

scattered bone photos

11. During the 1960s, Edward Paisnel would frequently don a rubber mask, break into homes, and rape and torture women and children. This picture was the only evidence police had until he was finally caught with his mask during a routine traffic stop in 1971. 

problem  photos

12. Blanche Monnier was planning to marry a man her mother didn’t like. When she disappeared one day, most people assumed she had run off with him. However, 25 years later, someone tipped police off that her mother was holding her hostage, and when they entered the home they found Blanche bound and starved in the attic.

resting lady photos

13. This little girl is clearly devastated about being torn from her family, but it was necessary to save her life. In 1938, the British government used the Kindertransport program to bring thousands of German and Polish Jewish children into the country as Hitler escalated his anti-Semitic activity.

little baby


14. Most people have seen this famous photograph of a monk lighting himself on fire, but many people don’t know the story behind it. He was actually protesting the South Vietnamese government’s discrimination against Buddhists in the early ’60s.

burning car

15. For this German soldier, making sure an orphaned Russian child got a little bit of bread was more important than anything else.

nothing to eat