Sometimes, even though the picture is not intended to be funny, it gets funny because of the right timing. And all the credit goes to the photographer, timing, and luck for making a regular picture into a hilarious meme. 

Scroll down to see 15+ pictures that were not supposed to be funny. 

1. So long bumper.

2. Nectar of the gods.

3. Big whoops.

4. Just before the disaster.


6. Mine.

7. You’re probably wondering how I wound up here…

8. Selfie time.

9. The leaning tower.

10. Savannah pls.

11. Imposter syndrome.

12. Aged like milk.

13. Cool trick.

14. Thanks, I hate it.

15. So long, shades.

16. Supermom.

17. Ease up.

18. Gone fishin’.

19. Looks slippery.

20. One is not like the others.

21. So long, dinner.

22. Guess I’ll be going now.

23. Smokey says so long.

24. Faceplant.

25. Zero shame.

26. Thanks, grandma.

27. Prepare for impact.

28. There it goes!

29. Dropping in.

30. Poked.