We have all been in a situation where we have ordered something online and received something else. Buying products online definitely involves a big risk. Sometimes you get the exact product, sometimes even better than expected and sometimes the worst is what you receive. The bellow list proves the disappointment of people in online shopping.

1. The Deadpool costume

Someone wanted to look like Deadpool, but what they received was nowhere close to it.

2. The cat scratcher

Many people make this common mistake when they shop online. Checking the dimensions of the product should be made mandatory so that this does not happen.

3. The blanket

knitted blankets are just loved by people. You must shop it from the right place, else you will learn the hard way as one person who shared this image did.

4. The pan

Another example of why you must check the size before you order.

5. The doll purse

The item this person ordered was a brilliant choice, but what he got was absolutely ridiculous.

6. The socks

We would justify the product here. The buyer shouldn’t have expected the image to not stretch. The socks material is such that this result would have been the outcome.

7. The order

The mix-up of orders is a common problem. You surely have experienced it once if you buy stuff online regularly.

8. The sweatshirt

Looking at the details of the product very carefully is a habit that few people have adopted. Even if you saw this sweatshirt carefully, you would not be happy to have it delivered.

9. The wrong order

This person ordered a simple solenoid valve. Instead received a massive teddy.

10. The unicorn

The retailer named the product wrongly and gave its description that the pool when inflated will look like a unicorn. This is what the person received when he hit the buy button.

11. The dress

Ordering clothes online can be quite frustrating. It wastes your time and money. This is one big online shopping fail that this person shared.

12. The silk print

This interesting silk print was ordered by the person. They received the product but there is a huge difference in quality that even you can notice.

13. The jacket

Ordering a jacket and receiving this product instead is definitely frustrating

14. The desk lamp

Learn the lesson of ordering products online. Check the size of the product before you order.

15. The shoes

Here are the Cinderella Nike shoes that look fabulous. Believing is reputed brands for everything they manufacture is not right. This buyer experienced it when they received the product.