There’s good in every day but there’s also odd in every day. You don’t believe that? No worries because we have compiled a list of 15+ people who have found odd every day. 

These pictures show that life is unexpected and we can see anything at any turn. 

1. This very large, almost too large grape.

2. On this leaf is a species of worm that’s eating it, but leaving the veins behind.

3. Some packaging designers really hate us.

4. This truck with a picture of itself on it.

5. A noodle that came twisted.

6. I don’t think this is a cow’s natural habitat.

7. A tiny can of whiskey.

8. So it’s a mouse that’s also a calculator that’s made by Canon.

9. This weird shape

10. A collection of tumbleweeds built up in front of someone’s house.

11. A donation bag of chips from Lays.

12. A tulip petal that fused with a leaf.

13. “I can make eggs stand up.”

14. A hard hat that’s also a cowboy hat.

15. This incredibly large icicle.

16. No cloves in this garlic, just a full bulb.

17. The world’s wittiest, bittiest radiator.

18. This piece of hardware a man discovered in his yogurt.

19. Just a standard duck lamp.

20. This user saw a plant starting to grow from their counter.

1. Uh oh!

22. Something seems a little off about this desk chair.

23. For when you really, really need some wine.

24. “My friend has amassed a collection of over 100 copies of Shrek on VHS.”

25. A 3D printed replacement light switch.

26. How about a manhole in the middle of the floor?

27. Behold, king of all flakes.

28. Picture perfect pet.

29. In case you ever wondered what a fidget spinner would look like if it was photocopied mid-spin.

30. This company packages their shipments with bone bubble wrap!

31. You’re just trying to get some butter but you come back with shrimp.

32. Someone found these two Lego people built into the sidewalk.

33. One user saw this costumed couple on stilts just…walking around.

34. This blown-out, curved window.

35. A whole bundle of huge, mutant strawberries.

 36. How about this house with absolutely massive hedges?

37. This deck of cards is not only square but has an extra suit.