Unfortunately, not all relationships have happy endings. Though some breakups come out of nowhere and leave you blindsided, others had a parade of red flags leading up to the inevitable split.

Read this if you need a reason to stay single.

1. Future Spouse Is Mad Because Partner Will Not Work A Second Job To Fund Their $80,000 Wedding

2. Strange Desired Characteristics For A Future Wife

3. Angry Over A Gifted Bag That Costs $700

4. Wanting Your Spouse To Pay For Everything And Still Do Chores

5. Angry Over A Switch Lite, Which Costs Upwards Of $200

6. Post Expressing Anger Over Ex-Spouse, Who Washes Their Clothes In His House But Does Not Fold Them

7. Entitled Significant Other Sells Apple Watch Gift From Boyfriend Because It’s An Old Model

8. Person Wants Ex-Husband To Support Them Even Though They’re Divorced

9. Woman Writes Contract That States She Will Break Her Boyfriend’s PlayStation If He Doesn’t Abide By The Contract Rules

10. Post Expresses Disappointment After Receiving An Engagement Ring That Was Passed Down From Boyfriend’s Mother Because It’s Not “New”

11. Ex-Spouse Wants Streaming Passwords And Login Info

12. Husband Struggling To Make Ends Meet, Gets Mad At Wife For “Lowering Herself” Because She Found Coupons In The Trash To Feed Her Kids

13. Mad Because First Dates Are At Free Public Spaces

14. Wife Is Kind Enough To Make Dinner, Is Publicly Shamed For It On Facebook

15. Wife Wants Videographer Husband To Make A Video For Her Friend At A Discounted Price

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