Many of us like to keep our every day looks airy and cool. But, often we make mistakes in choosing our clothes which make us look 2-10 years older than our actual age. We at Hiptoro bring you today a compilation of images that you should see 100% and reconsider the stock of dresses and clothes you have in your wardrobe.

Once you scroll down and see these images, you would understand what we are referring to when we say outfits add age.

1. Mary Jane shoes

When you wear a shoe with a strap and a round edge, you tend to look older. You must be feeling super comfortable wearing them, but you are spoiling your style game. Instead, choose a show without a trap and a pointed toe. This elongates your foot and makes you look on point.

2. Clothes knit in a complicated way

Knitted clothes are in trend always. The only thing now that has changed over the people like simple knitted design instead of big and overdone knitwear. It can instantly add up to your age, so be very careful when you choose knitwear.

3. Shapeless bags

A non-structured bag can make a woman carrying it look shapeless. The bags should have a geometrical shape to it and the less decorative it is the more appealing it looks.

4. Godet skirts

The images show Emily Blunt in 2007 and 2010.
In 2007, the pencil skirt that she wore has a wider design at the knee length. Whereas, in the other image, you see the skirt going sleek till the end. The wider end gives a very retro look and does make you look older.

5. Non-trendy headscarves

The way the scarf is worn in the first image keeps you warm, but also adds few years to your age. Whereas in the second image, it makes you look classy and younger.

6. Shiny beige tights

Most women in the 90’s were seen wearing such tights. But now they are considered to be tacky and also makes your legs look fatter. Instead, you must wear tights that match to your skin complexion.

7. Massive jewelry

Big gems and sparkling jewelry make women look much older than their actual age. Older women can wear big jewelry to distract the attention of their age. But younger women should avoid wearing too much jewelry.

8. Berets

A few decades ago, berets we considered to be charming and elegant in a French way. But now it looks like they do not wear it anymore. So berets are considered old fashioned and are preferred by older women.

9. Bright prints

Big prints are a big no-no according to the modern trends. You can always have a simpler fabric with a solid color on teh top and wear the print on the lower body. But just don’t have a complete dress with big prints from top to bottom.

10. Silk scarves

To look younger and stylish, you must wear a scarf most simple way. The more you complicate the pattern, the older you would look.

11. Baggy clothes

Baggy clothes do look stylish, but you must know the right proportion to do this. Oversized clothes can hide your fat but also add many years to your age. The best way to do it right is to have a baggy top and a narrow bottom or vice versa.

12. Jabot blouses

The decorative clothes now are in the past. Young girls wearing decorative tops will only look older than their age. Your granny can wear a blouse like this, but you should stay far away from it.

13. Certain fabrics

Satin, velvet, and tweed are few fabrics that should be carefully worn. Ask your designer to help you with it. Velvet can add some fat to your body. If you want to look slimmer avoid this fabric and stick to satin or tweed. Satin midi dress is in trend.

14. Clear eyebrow shapes

Thin brows are not in trend anymore. Fuller and natural eyebrows are the cult favorite. Even if they are with imperfections, they make you look much younger and beautiful.

15. Faded microblading

Tattooed eyebrows are a thing that many women are attracted to. But, some women do not notice that after a year o two, the color starts to fade and make the brow look unnatural. You either have to get it redone or have to remove it entirely to look good.