There’s something so heartwarming and fulfilling about scrolling through some adorable photos of cattos, whatever kind they may be.

Want to take your snap game a level up? If so, you should take inspiration from these heartwarming cat snaps that are too cute to handle. Their fluffy coats and tiny paws will make your day a little better.

So, get ready and scroll down to see these kittens who are making Snapchat a better platform <3

1. New napping spot

2. The most loving little kitty

3. New best friend

4. Where did all the milk go?

5. The best present ever?

6. What a cute little parcel

These two are up to no good

7. A lazy little kitty

8. The more the merrier

9. Frenemies?

The kitty is too pure for this

10. She’s waiting for you to laugh!

11. Never grow up!

12. Flawless

What a beauty!

13. That size difference tho

14. Keep this precious kitty safe

15. What a comfy bed!

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