Being a dog owner is not easy.

You know it all. There is nothing new that we’ll be telling you today. You witness this every single day at your home. The dog is the boss of your house. They want food, they wanna go out for a walk, they need a nap, it is all about them. Bring in a dog at your house is indeed a big responsibility. But the smiles they spread once they enter your life are countless. You sometimes sit and wonder, what you possibly have a dog to deserve them. While sometimes, you think they are such big fools. The innocent face can melt your heart in seconds and show them with love all the time. Here are some hilarious things that you would all relate to, and a reminder that your dog is your whole world.

#1 They can and will act like kings when it comes to food choices.

#2 They will take up your place and never follow the furniture rule.

#3 You might not be able to keep up with them on walks. At least you’ll get a good workout every day.

#4 However, dressing them up in adorable things is half the fun even if they hate it.

#5 You will have to bathe them quite regularly r they will become absolutely filthy.

#6 They will play hide and seek with you without you even knowing what is happening.

#7 They cannot sing well but that never stops a doggo.

#8 They will always want you to pay attention to them and only them.

#9 Simply put, they love hugs.

#10 They will make a mess of things and you’ll be left to clean it up while they grin at you.

#11 And just when you think you are done for the day, they will get hungry once again.

#12 I mean who can stay mad when they have those eyes?

#13 Even if it is freezing outside, they still need to go on walks.

#14 But even with all the hassle, booping their nose fixes everything.

#15 How can we forget? You can turn them into a fluffy cloud if you so wish.