There is nothing in this world that can be compared with the cuteness of furry doggo. If you were in a room with your dog and you have your girl as well,  certainly all the attention is going to divert to the dog.  These handsome dogs are all ready on their way to steal your girl. So, do you wanna scroll down and meet these heart robbers? Let us know if you have had such a situation in your life.




4. This pug brought a balloon, because girls love balloons!

5. Respect the game.

6. Those eys, tho.

7. Bird dogging your girl.

8. “Swinging into your girl’s heart!”

9. “I’m sleepy, but I’ll still steal your girl.”

10. This dog just left with your girl, bro.

11. “Got your girl!”

12. Patiently waiting to steal your girl.

13. Possibly the only acceptable man bun EVER!

14. #FACTS

15. “And…stolen.”