15+ Craigslist Ads That Are Both Terrible And Hilarious At The Same Time

If you have ever sold anything on Craigslist, you probably know how annoying and infuriating buyers sometimes can be. Well, turns out that the sellers can be pretty delusional too. So much so that a whole subreddit is dedicated to posting the craziest Craigslist ads people happen to stumble upon.

The subreddit we are talking about is called r/CrackheadCraigslist and oh boy, you’re in for a wild ride. From fake wasp nests and single person couch to pet lobsters and motorized picnic tables, it only gets crazier.

Check out some of the crazy and hilarious Craigslist ads:

#1 iPhone 11 Pro

#2 May the Force be with You!

#3 Combination of scary and funny

#4 Ghost Rider


#5 It’s A Short Range Fighter, So It Won’t Get You Out Of The Milky Way, But…


#6 “Minor”


#7 In Iowa


#8 “I’d Get Punched In The Face For $250”


#9 Perfectly Balanced…



#10 No Words Necessary



# 11The Content Of The Post More Than The Actual Listed Item…

#12 Pro-level Marketing

#13 Giant Airpod

#14 A Smart Investment, If You Ask Me

#15 Freeze, NYPD!

#16 Some Assembly Required

#17 Damn You, Coronavirus


#18 Who Wants Some Good Ol Sweater

#19 “Super” Mario


#20 This hurts


Written by Sandipan Kundu

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