Everyone in the world wants to be safe and ready for almost anything this time and day. Albeit, some pet owners do have a ‘beware of the dog” sign outside their house for extra added security purposes.

But only a few pet people believe that a gentle warning is the best form of protection from something awry. They combine their pet’s cuteness with their loyalty for extra security measures.

Enter, guard dogs. These dogs are just too adorable as they are loyal and fiery, and you just can’t miss having a look at them here at Hiptoro.

We have compiled for you a hilarious yet adorable list of dog pictures with ideas about how to keep you and your home safe. Look below :

The Golden Guard

It’s hard to think of Golden Retrievers as guard dogs even though they are loyal, faithful, and protective pets. But they’re also just so sweet that we can’t picture one getting too angry.

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Still, we’ll respect the sign.



So ferocious


Asleep on the job

asleep on job

Beware of cuteness



You have to be careful around this dog – he’s clearly making fun of passers-by.


Beware of ankles

This little guy is taking his sign very seriously.



Well, we were warned. That’s more than we wanted to see of the dog. He’s clearly scratching an itch before he gets back to his very serious work.




Good thing no one hung up that sign yet

Good thing no one hung up that sign yet

Beware of Joey


Now we’re terrified

We’re not sure if the dog is off-duty or a “Beware of Cat” sign was not available, but the guard on the job is definitely making us think twice about taking another step towards the fence.


Small but mighty

ankles dogs

We’ll take our chances

Doesn’t it look like he’s beckoning passers-by to come in? That smiley face is nearly irresistible.

cue dog

Tripping hazard

Don’t come any closer unless you want to give belly rubs all day long.


Dress for the job you want

guard dress

It’s me!


Keep scrolling

keep scrolling dogs

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