144 Year Old Japanese Plant Looks Like The Sky Is Pink

We know that the headline might have amazed you. Obviously, how could a plant resemble a pink sky? But, ye this is true! A 144-year-old, Japanese plant is one of the most gorgeous trees in the world. The tree is situated in Ashikaga Flower Park, Japan. And you will definitely fall in love with the place near this tree once you see this. This Japanese plant looks like an enchanted pink sky hanging like a canopy overhead.

Also, you will be amazed to know that this tree is the largest and the oldest wisteria tree that exists now in Japan. It was planted around the year 1870. And the Japanese plant has brought much delight to the human beings since then. The pink and purple blooms of the tree are typically the major attraction. These vines are stretched out of the tree with the help of steel rods that hold them. Otherwise, the tree could collapse due to the weight of the vines.

As the steel rods hold the tree in place, they let the people see the beautiful creation of nature. As the light breaks into the canopy, it brings in the unimaginable colors of the Japanese tree. This happens after the light reflects from the beautiful flowers of the plant. Believe us, you will definitely go crazy after having a look at this beautiful tree.

#1 People capturing the mesmerizing beauty of the Japanese Plant

Japanese oldest wisteria tree resembles a pink sky

#2 Japanese Wisteria tree looks no less than a beautiful pink umbrella

Japanese plant in Ashikaga flower park

#3 Visitors enjoying the shelter of the oldest Wisteria tree from Japan

Japanese plant with pink canopy

#4 The pink and purple textured wines of the tree that captivates the beauty of nature

Hanging Wines of Pink textured Wisteria Tree

#5 This Japanese Plant looks so romantic at night

Wisteria Tree from Ashikaga Flower Park at night

These show that Wisteria has a unique way of luring people. We know that after seeing such beautiful pictures, you might want to book a ticket for Japan asap. And we too would recommend you to visit this place at least once. Because this is one of the most beautiful heavens on the Earth!