Social media has always given us a bunch of entertainment and a lot of updates about the world, our loved ones, and the people with who we haven’t been in touch for long.

Some posts that we come across on social media are from our close friends and some are strangers who we just randomly come across. There is a lot that you can find on the social networking site to have a good laugh.

Today, we bring to you the 14 most embarrassing posts that people uploaded on their accounts. There are millions of such posts. Scroll down to check a few.

1. Gullible Sounds Like Oranges

If you are trying to understand whether the word “gullible” and the word “oranges” sound alike, stop wasting your time. To one Facebook user’s understanding, both the words sound similar, at least to them. When the user updated this as his Facebook status, make other users commented and made hilarious comments on it.

2. Rosetta Stone and the LBGTQ Community

The Rosetta Stone was a slab that contained two languages.- Greek and Egyptian. Without it, we would have never known anything about Ancient Egypt.

Also, Rosetta Stone is one software that allows its users to learn foreign languages. Rosa Parks was an African-American civil rights activist who, in December of 1955, famously refused to give up her seat on a bus to a Caucasian passenger.

A Twitter user who got offended by the incident took to the social media site to share his thoughts. The user got confused about the two and instead of Rosa Parks, he mentioned Rosetta Stone to be the lady responsible for the event to occur.

3. London is not in England

We are sure that you know that London is a part of England. There is certainly no confusion in this face. Few things if you do not know are still acceptable. Like, if you live in the United States and do not know who the Vice President is still acceptable.

This young lady thought that she had to leave England to go to London. People on the Internet saw her post and brought to her attention that London is a part of England.

4. Jesus discovered America

Jesus Christ must have done great things to create the world. In fact, we also believe that he has done some great miracles such as converting water into wine, risen from the dead, and is a savior of humanity. But we can’t agree with this lady who thinks Jesus discovered America.

5. Labor Day is about mothers

6. Bleach consumption is best handled by social media users

7. The Virgin Birth

8. The future college dropout

9. You weren’t born on your birthday

10. Saving one’s liver by quitting smoking

11. Elevators shouldn’t have buttons that correspond to your floor

12. The Statue of Liberty is in Paris

Geography is a subject that people must pay attention to in the school.

13. The Fourth of July is in the middle of the month

14. A fan so lovely it deserves to be framed

Pay attention to mirrors in your images, they can be real game-changers for what you want to portray.