Men can look gorgeous in short and long hair. But all they need is a good groomer who knows what best can suit a man. When you scroll down to see these before and after images of men, you would wonder whether or not did they actually go through cosmetic surgery. The groomer has truly transformed these men and we can’t thank them enough.

The right haircut is like contouring for men.

A little bit of styling can go a long way.

Alright, this is what it means to have a sharp cut.

Yes, man-weaves exist, and they are incredible.

Goodbye party in the back, and hello business in the front.

We can see actually see his face with the haircut, so that’s an automatic win.

This man looks like he’s on his way to steal your grandma.

This guy has to retake all of his ID photos now.

This is what you call a fresh cut.

Beard vs. no-beard photos always traumatize me.

I am here for the Johnny Bravo hair.

How is this even the same person?

I’m so glad this man decided to get a haircut.

And there goes 10 years off his face.

Sometimes, you just need to get a little cleaned up.

It’s so wild how grown-out hair can make such a difference in a look.

After this haircut, he may just be dreading his dreads!

There’s nothing wrong with long hair, but a major chop completely frames the face differently.

From frizzy to freeing.

22. This one’s tough, because we all wish we had curly hair like his look on the left.

23. He even changed his part!

24. Okay, Ken.

Bye-Bye Bieber.

It’s wild how a big chop to your hair can completely change your style.

Short hair, don’t care.

Slow clap.