It seems like a number of businesses these days take themselves way too seriously. Business analysts are employed to raise revenues, save costs, and improve staff professionalism and efficiency, but sometimes something human and personal gets lost in the shuffle.

But not for these companies! Bored Panda has compiled a list of some of the best instances of business owners having a little fun and living to be remembered for their awesome sense of humor rather than for their immaculate customer service. Check out the funny list for yourself by scrolling down below, and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

#1 My Grocery Store Cheese Counter Has The Right Idea

#2 My Local Independent Coffee Shop Uses A Starbucks Mug For Its Toilet Brush Holder

#3 The Children’s Menu At A Local Sandwich Shop

#4 This Sign I Found At An Ice Cream Shop In Amman, Jordan

#5 This Cone Display At My Local Ice Cream Shop

#6 For My Last Day Of Work At The Pet Store, I Made Myself Employee Of The Month

#7 Seen In A Toy Store In Austin, Tx

#8 This Tattoo Shops Signs Are Always On Point

#9 False Advertising


#10 This Pizza Shop Gets It

#11 As Somebody Who Works In Retail, This Sign Should Be Posted In Every Store Ever


#12 At The Coffee Shop When You Get Hit By This Unexpected Quote Of The Day

#13 A Local Computer Repair Shop Thinks They’re Funny. They’re Right

#14 Someone At The Arts & Crafts Store Has A Warped Sense Of Humour