Our live savers, our happy pill, our best friends, our supporters and the biggest joy in our lives are our furry friends. From the moment they set foot in the house, the whole atmosphere changes. They are the centre of your universe. All they need is love, love and lots of love from you. Here is a small post appreciating our four-legged buddies who prove that happiness can be measured with them.

“Working at customer service is not an easy task.”

“It’s a beautiful day and my hooman is at work. Sigh, I miss you hooman and I love you so.”

This little guy had a great time at the dog park. He’s high on all the fun.

Marry someone who would look at you like this pupper.

“Finally got a picture to shove in my husband’s face whenever he tries to tell me his trucking buddy doesn’t love him.”

The cutest picture on the internet today.

“I saw an adult German Shepard that was diagnosed with dwarfism today and it’s the cutest thing I’ve seen all year.”

“Hope you’re having the brightest day hooman. I love you! Woof!”

“Popular opinion: My dog looks like a cartoon.”

Looks like he’s a meteorite all the way from Krypton. He’s a super puppy.

A big husky hug because hugs keep us alive.

“Made a new friend this weekend!”

This little guy has been hunting mushrooms. You can tell by the look on his face that it’s no child’s play.

A happy face of a happy pupper who found a loving home.

Little snowy mess.

“Happiness doesn’t have to be chased but it’s the bubbles that require some working.”

“Alright everybody, say CHEESE!!” *Squad goals*

His eyes are glorious!