What’s better than enjoying pictures of our little puppers being silly, right?

Dogs are pure blessings and we should not discuss it any further (because nothing will change our mind). We know they sometimes act silly and they sometimes behave way out of the league. But hey, don’t say anything to these pure babies because they are the ultimate good boys. 

To see some of their cute pictures, scroll down.  

1. Doggo be like, “really? I thought you wanna cuddle”

Awww, sorry little one. But we can always skip the crunches, can’t we?

2. DAMN! That is such a handsome boy!

Of course, who wouldn’t like it!?

3. Haha dog owners? are you watching this?

The excitement on his face is priceless!

4. Oh, hello there Mister!

“I’m a king. Don’t you see the crown above my head?”

5. Just two friends having a nice time at the beach.

This picture is perfect. I mean, just look at these beautiful puppers and the view! Spectacular!

6. Lmao! That is so true!

And that pupper has my heart!

7. Even humans can’t do better than this!

Julie is a mood lifter!

8. I bet it took months of training!

Those are some serious skills.

9. Awww… what a cutie!

That facial expression just made my heart skip a beat!

10. Hmmm, we totally respect your feelings doggo but…

We can give you lots of kisses!

11. Every time!!!

They just do it on purpose, don’t you think?

12. Gotta move to Japan, immediately.

Doggo be like, “Hey, I smell food in here”.

13. This doggo doesn’t like being shamed and we can tell by his expressions.

Doggo be like, “It isn’t my fault. You are such a little girl, hooman”

14. “Hey, where are those goddamn dirty plates? You didn’t leave any? Disappointed in you, hooman.”

Can’t really handle the cuteness here!