Have you heard the phrase ‘think before you get ink?’

This phrase is for people who don’t understand that getting a bad tattoo is really awful. That’s because a permanent bad tattoo can either be removed via laser or can be covered up.

So, if you are planning to get a new tattoo anytime sooner, it’s our advice to put a lot of thought into it. To show you how terrible a tattoo fail can look, below are some pictures.

This wasn’t worth the price.

Get your head out of the gutter.

This tattoo looks like it was done by an eighth-grader.

I swear my future *Star Trek* tattoo will not look like this.

Apparently, the client literally asked for this.

Expectation versus reality strikes again.

Oh, I am afraid of this fox.


With apologies to Metallica.

I’m sorry.

And that’s on what? Karma.

Sorry to this baby.

This is actually so sad.

This one is such a bummer.

Please let Marilyn rest.

I THINK these are supposed to be deer?


The artist removed the wrong “s.”


Why is this tiger crying?


This sure is a face.

Spelling is hard.

I sincerely hope this wasn’t an attempt at a *Jurassic Park* tattoo.