You can be a cat person or a dog person. Irrespective of your choice, you love to live with them and see them acting all silly and cute. Some of you might think that both these creatures cannot go hand in hand, and that isn’t entirely wrong. But, having a pet can make your life happier.

Both cats and dogs have their little ways of showing love to you. But they have major personality differences. So we did a small collection of dog and cat images that show how they differ in behaviour.

So scroll down to check out some cute and funny pictures.

How they treat water…

…and behave on a walk

When we’re trying to work at home

How they choose a comfortable place to sleep

…ride in a car


…welcome owners home

…react when we pet them

…sleep with their owner

…behave when they did something wrong

…ask to be held

…chase after the light

…treat an owner