Pet animals only deserve one thing and that is to spend the best possible life at their forever homes.

Pets are the happiest and most adorable creatures that you can surround yourself with. They give so much love and care to you that in return they should be given more than they need. Animals deserve the best treatment from their owners. But sometimes, it is unfortunate that people don’t realise their value, and send them back to the shelters. Humans also have behavioral problems and disabilities, but you don’t abandon who you love.

Well, some animals got rejected from their first families and came back to the shelter had a better destiny for them. even though they were sent back to the shelter, they got adopted by families and got forever homes where they were showered with love and only love. Take a look at these heartwarming images.

1. Continuously moving from shelter to shelter, not finding a permanent spot makes it really hard for animals to start trusting humans again.

2. We are glad there won’t be a 4th time. Hero!

3. That’s what you call commitment. Even if its requires the humans to adjust according the pet’s need, the good ones do it.

4. We are so happy that Roux finally managed to find herself a forever home.

5. Kinda glad buster ran away from that abusive family. How else would he have found a happy place?

6. Hardluck to those who didn’t pick Akasha up. Missed free cuddles for life.

7. William was thrown away by college kids until this person found him and gave him a new home.

8. Aww Mittens is so adorable. I can’t understand how it got returned to shelters 3 times.

9. An adoption on Christmas Day. Best present for both parties.

10. Spent first 8 months of its life in a crate only to spend the rest of its life in an amazing home.

11. It takes time to find the right people and when it happens, it happens for long.

12. Heroes exist in real life.

13. We are so happy for Buster.