It’s easy to lose sight of the sweetness in our world amid the shocking pictures that surround us. We encourage you to return to the fundamentals because of this. Let’s explore these photos that actual individuals have posted about sincere events in their lives or the lives of those they care about.

1. Mother, father, and 3 daughters working on the same flight

2. “I met my biological father 38 years later after believing he died in an accident. It turns out the adoption papers were wrong.”

3. “My brother at our favorite chicken place 1 week after he woke up from a coma”

4. “A hug from Grandpa”

5. “My 91-year-old grandmother with a painting she just finished”

6. “My daughter decided she had to hold her baby brother’s hand for the entire walk.”

7. “The only time they really get along”

8. “My dad has Alzheimer’s and my mom is his caregiver, 40+ years married.”

9. “I secretly commissioned my wife’s favorite artist to paint a portrait of her and our girls as a surprise for our fifteenth anniversary.”

10. “My dad was born in 1929 and passed away in 2015. I love this picture of him in high school so had a graffiti artist put it on my chimney.”

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11. “My parents got matching tattoos of their fingerprints.”

12. “My buddy’s freedom ride picture! He loves his new family.”

13. “5 generations of women in my family”

Bonus: “Found a picture of our dog’s family.”