So you thought only hoomans can be Dramatic!

You are so terribly mistaken since dogs can be just as dramatic as people! Yes, it is correct. “Reactive dogs” is the term used to describe these theatrical drama dogs. Even very routine life situations can cause these puppers to react too emotionally. Now that we’re back on the subject, what precisely is a “reactive dog”? Reactivity refers to your dog’s tendency to overreact to specific environmental cues. This does not, however, imply that your dog is hostile because this is a regular tendency for them. A reactive dog might be challenging to control at times.

While outside or in public spaces, things might become out of control. You must therefore develop new techniques to maintain their composure and attention on you.

On a lighter note, our lovely little puppers certainly know how to communicate their thoughts or even exaggerate them at times, making it one of the funniest sights you’d ever see. If you already own a dog, you will understand exactly what we are talking about, but if not, things will just get more exciting for you. For your enjoyment today, we have gathered 18 humorous images of overly dramatic pets. It’s going to be a hilarious journey, so why don’t you sit back, get some popcorn, and start scrolling through the photographs below?

1. “You said we are going to play in the park, HOOMAN! I’m done!”


2. “No one is more dramatic than my husky…when he needs to pee”


3. “I’m not going to talk to you ever, hooman. You tricked me!”


4. “This dog is an actual drama queen. We’re getting a new door so he can’t roam around downstairs between all the tools but he wants to be part of the action so he’s laying on the floor crying”


5. “I’m not going to show my face until you apologize to me for raising your voice!”


6. “Our older boy (brown staffy) sleeps wrong. He has taught his younger sister to sleep wrong too.”


7. Yep, they would sometimes fall asleep in their food bowl too!

8. “No one was paying attention so she decided to dramatically lay like this for 10 minutes.”


9. “My dog’s reaction to Super Tuesday drama is why I love dogs.”


10. “I’m just gonna fall from here to get your attention”


11. “Why do we live on the top floor? I can’t even go out, hooman!”


12. “Did you even ask me before making that decision, Dani?”

13. “Hey, what’s up? Wanna play “being dramatic”?

As the article draws to a close, we are confident that you no longer have any lingering questions about the existence of these dramatic dogs, and we sincerely hope that you will give your fluffers your undivided attention and maintain their composure. Tell us which of these you found to be the funniest in the comments section below.