Dogs have been humans’ best friends for over a century. But they are totally changed now. No, we are not talking about their loyalty but their looks. The way dogs used to look thousands of years ago is very different as compared to how they look today- all thanks to humans!

Over the years, dog breeds have changed a lot and not all of them have been better. While some transformations are better, some are beyond recognition that you won’t believe your eyes. But all dogs are perfect and they surely deserve all of your love and attention.

Scroll down to check the amazing doggo transformation yourself.

English Bulldog

If you are thinking about what could possibly go wrong with selective breeding, just have a look at English Bulldog. It’s not just about their short legs or flat face but modern Bulldogs are also more prone to different kinds of health problems. And that’s what has decreased Bulldog’s lifespan to 6.25 years. 

Basset Hound

Believe it or not but Basset Hounds were selectively bred so many times that led to shortening of their face and hind legs. And now the modern Basset Hound can be seen with more skin folds and long ears.


Earlier, Boxers were large with a good face size. But modern Boxer’s faces have become quite short, which invites several kinds of respiratory problems for them. The flattening of the muzzle also makes it difficult for this dog breed to controlling their body temperature.

Bull Terrier

If there is one dog breed that has got the most shocking transformation, it has to be Bull Terrier. Why? Because Bull Terrier used to be very charming and well-proportioned dogs. But now, let’s say they have a football-shaped head. And it does not look that good.

West Highland White Terrier

Just like other modern dog breeds, West Highland White Terrier has also become more prone to different health problems. 

Doberman Pinscher

Bigger in the past and smaller now, Doberman Pinscher has surely become much calmer. But never forget, they can still be pretty aggressive.

Irish Setter

Want to see a dog breed that hasn’t changed much over the last century? Have a look at Irish Setter. The only thing that has changed with this dog breed is that now they has become a bit thinner.

German Shepherd

Did you know there was a time when German Shepherds could easily jump over an 8.5-meter wall? But not now because modern German Shepherds are 30 pounds heavier and thicker.


Want to spot seven differences? You can start with modern Rottweiler’s well-defined reddish-brown spot. Not to mention, now Rottweiler doesn’t have docked tail anymore, which makes them super cute.

Saluki (Persian Greyhound)

Although Saluki (Persian Greyhound) has not changed much physically. But the modern breed comes with different eye problems, which is not good.


Looking for another selective breeding that has gone wrong? Have a look at the Dachshund. Besides short legs, Dachshund has also developed intervertebral disc disease that decreases their lifespan.

Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier is one of few modern dog breeds that has not undergone a drastic transformation and you can see it.

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