Who said cats are unmotivated?
I am aware that we all like to criticize cats for constantly sleeping. That is perhaps the main factor in why many people prefer dogs to cats. Others only seek a more healthy way of living. Cats, however, are identical to people. And by that, I mean that each cat is unique and has its own personality. So you can’t anticipate all cats acting in the same manner.

Because some cats are hard workers that must do a lot to maintain a roof over their heads, as you will soon see from the accompanying photographs, These cats’ lives are not easy; they have to do everything from bake cookies to check the tyres before their hoomans go for a drive. And we’re here to honor these cats and give them the respect they merit.

The names of cats are being altered by these felines. Cats won’t be referred to as indolent any more. For a closer look, scroll down below.

#1 ‘Your future is not looking good, Hooman.’

#2 He is doing one heck of a job cleaning the dishes.

#3 Sometimes even the bag inspector has to catch a nap in between his shifts.

#4 ‘This particular apricot is no good, hooman.’

#5 This kitty is letting out her predator side by choosing to hunt as her job.

#6 There is no need for professional exterminators when you have cats.

#7 I would love a taste of those biscuits, I bet they’ll be purrfect.

#8 No one would ever be afraid of going to the doctor if the doctors looked like this.

#9 He is a professional plate licker and he is very good at his job.

#10 This guard cat will not let anyone inside.


#11 ‘Do I have to do all the work around here, hooman?’

#12 ‘Do you need this wrapped or do you have your own bag?’

#13 Cats not only make messes but they can also sometimes help you clean them. No vacuums though!

What were your impressions of these diligent cats? Do you think a cat should have a job? Let us know in the comments section below.