Only a few movies can leave an impact on a large number of audiences and The Wizard of Oz is definitely the one. After all, this movie’s entertaining and enchanting story refuses to get dull even after so many years. 

But now fans have pointed out 10+ mistakes that people overlooked when The Wizard of Oz was first released. Scroll down to appreciate the flaws. 

1. Dorothy’s hair seems to change length at various points throughout the film.

2. There’s a square block in the Cowardly Lion’s costume.

3. How is it that Dorothy’s dress doesn’t get dirty?

4. The Scarecrow’s understanding of the Pythagorean Theorem is totally wrong.

Pythagorean Theorem is actually talking about right triangles, not isosceles!

5. Actually, The Sphinx isn’t one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

6. Is the Tin Man’s heart actually working?

7. Who’s Judy?

8. That’s clearly a trap door that allows the Wicked Witch to escape.

Look again and you’ll see a trap door open on the stage.

9. You can see Dorothy laugh after she slaps the Cowardly Lion.

10. The guard at the palace isn’t actually crying.

11. Where did the Tin Man’s ax come from?

12. The Scarecrow’s arm is still on fire.

13. What happened to Dorothy’s red slippers?

14. “Throw that basket”

In the next shot, the book of spells is suddenly back to where it originally was!

15. Scarecrow is missing something else.

16. The head of the Wizard of Oz

17. Are those strings, Pinocchio?

18. Dorothy runs into the farm.

However, when the shot changes, you can see that his hand is back in the same position and he’s taking out another chick.

19. Dorothy gets refused.

Once the camera pans down to the slippers, if you take a look at the yellow brick road, you’ll notice something interesting!

20. Slipping off the pole.

However, this creates a plot hole. If he was always on the pole, why would it fall out, to begin with?

21. Hunk the farmhand.

However, following that, the angle changes to a wide angle, and all of a sudden his hand doesn’t seem to be injured.

22. Dorothy and the oil can.

23. Munchkinland

Did you notice any other mistakes in your viewings of The Wizard of Oz?