12 Dog Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

We have been living around dogs for ages now. Still, there are many surprising things about them which we are not entirely aware of. One must read as much information that you can find on the Internet that can help you understand about your pet dogs better.

We have collected some interesting facts about dogs that you might have or have not read before.

1.Dogs did not originate from wolves.

Many have this misconception that dogs originated from wolves, but that is false. Their origin was from an entirely different species which disappeared thousands of years ago. Their DNA matches with American and European wolves, but they are just distinctive relatives. 

2. Dogs are champions in a variety of sizes and shapes.

There are more than 400 dog breeds in the world. It is just a wild guess, but breeders do not stop at experimenting with different dog breeds. It has led to dogs being available in different shape, size colour and features. But the physiology of all dogs is based on ancient wolves physiology.

3. Dogs have a second nose.

Dogs have a second nose it is vomeronasal organ also called Jacobson’s Organ. This organ is sensitive to smells but not the ordinary fragrances that humans can sense. Both the first and second nose in dogs is sensitive. But the second is more powerful and delicate.

4. A dog’s nose has a unique print.

As human fingerprinter differs from individual to individual similarly, no two dogs have the same nose prints. The nose print is used to identify dogs by the Canadian Kennel Club since 1938.

5. Dogs sometimes pretend to be sick just to get attention.

Dogs are quick learners. Some pet owners claim that their dogs have learnt pretending to fall sick just to get some attention.

6. Dogs can recognize colors.

For a very long duration, it was considered that dogs could not recognize colours. But, studies have discovered that they can recognize yellow, blue and green objects and cannot understand red colour objects.

7. Dogs can smile.

Dogs do smile, but the reason differs as compared to humans. They smile when they are nervous or they want affection of their master.

8. Dogs only sleep belly up in places they feel safe.

Domesticated dogs usually sleep belly-up when they feel safe around their master. If your pet is not sleeping in this position, don’t be disappointed. It does not have to do anything with safety, but it is their personal choice.

9. Dogs don’t feel guilty.

Scientific studies say that a dog never feels guilty. It is just that they have learnt making the “I am sorry face”, over time whenever you scold them. They know that this look would melt your heart instantly.

10. We have changed the development of dogs.

Some research proves that humans have unintentionally developed Williams syndrome in dogs. Thus, their characteristics and behaviour differ from wolves, making them more social as compared to wolves.

11. Dogs instinctively look for contact with people.

Dogs instincts tell them to be near humans(the master) to survive. Therefore, they often behave weird and uncomfortable when left alone at home.

12. Dogs are very attached to people.

Dogs are full of emotions. They can show fear, anxiety, love, care and many other emotions. They understand human body language and care for you the most.


People who have dogs sleep better at night.

So let your dog enter your bedroom and experience it yourself.

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