You might have heard the common fashion rule that almost every celebrity follows i.e. showing up in the same outfit is taboo. Sometimes, seeing the brand new outfits of celebrities, all we do is think about how many clothes do these people have? And also, where do all their clothes go after they wear them? 

While most people are still figuring the answers to these questions, Princess Diana was breaking these baseless fashion rules back in the 1980s. Seeing her boldness and courage, it feels like she did not care what the world was thinking about her. If she wants to repeat an outfit, she will do it. And actually, she can do it better than others. It’s because each time she would repeat a piece of cloth, she would make it look like a new one. 

You can scroll down to see some of her amazing pictures in the same outfit. (Don’t forget to take notes)


Diana used to redesign her evening gowns quite often. The tender-lilac dress, which she first wore to a gala dinner in Kuwait in 1989, is a bright example of this. After 3 years, the princess completely redesigned this dress, having replaced the bouffant bottom with an elegant straight lavender skirt.


As a true fashion-monger, Lady Di was well-aware that it was important to have basic items in her wardrobe. For example, she was masterfully using this polka dot dress with a red blazer.

Then with a fashionable structured coat in the ’80s

And even with a pullover. Pay attention and you’ll see that the princess complemented her look with the same-print socks and red shoes.


When she was checking out of the hospital with her first baby, Prince William, Diana opted for a green polka-dot dress combined with fuchsia-color flats.

But few people noticed that the Princess actually appeared in the same dress during her pregnancy when she attended a polo match 2 weeks prior to the birth of Prince William. At that time, she combined it with white open-toed flat shoes.


In 1981, Diana put on a fashionable beige buttonless coat, which is very trendy today, for her first official visit to Wales.

4 years later, she visited Derby wearing the same coat, having replaced the belt with buttons.


In 1983, during her official visit to Australia, the Princess showed off a tender-pink floor-length dress decorated with numerous ruffles at one of the events. 3 years later, she put on the same outfit again after redoing the sleeves and the skirt and removing the ruffles.


In April 1983, Prince Charles’ spouse opted for a white blouse with voluminous sleeves and a black skirt for a visit to Adelaide University.

In August of the same year, she appeared in public wearing the same blouse having replaced the black skirt with a white one.


It’s amazing to see how one small detail can change the overall look. Within one year, Princess Diana appeared in public wearing the same pleated midi skirt and a structured off-white blazer with a black collar twice. The first time, in 1985, she used an elegant white hat. The second time, in 1986, she complemented the look with an envelope-clutch bag and a pearl necklace.


Outfits can be worn as a whole item or you can use their separate parts to create bright independent looks. Diana often used this trick. In 1981, one month prior to her wedding, Lady Spencer visited the Wimbledon finals wearing a bright blue set in a floral pattern.

4 years later, the married Lady Di opted for the same skirt with a flower print complementing it with a white blouse that had voluminous sleeves.


In 1986, the Princess chose a white dress with a trendy, at that time, ’polka dot’ pattern for one of the official events she had to attend.

Only one year later, she wore the same outfit after slightly changing it: Diana got rid of the asymmetrical skirt-part of the dress.


In October 1995, during her visit to Birmingham, Lady Di was glowing in her elegant 2-piece suit in a houndstooth pattern.

In December of the same year, she put on the same outfit, but this time she decorated it with a black velour scarf and pearl necklace.


Diana first appeared in a 2-piece tweed suit in 1990 at Princess Eugenie’s christening ceremony. At that time, she complimented it with a veiled hat and black gloves. 2 years later, the outfit got a new look with the help of one small detail: Lady Di changed the ribbon that decorated the blazer.