You can never be too alert if you are a woman. After all, there is a stranger waiting to get friendly with you at the end of every street. 

Well, we aren’t saying that every person has bad intentions but there are such people and you need to stay away from them. But how? It’s easy. You can either lie or double-check their identity if you feel like something is wrong. Scroll down to get some tips. 

1. Say you live close to Walmart.

If you don’t want to tell someone where you live, you can say that you live near something there are many of. Like a gas station, a hotel chain, Walmart, or something else.

2. Say that your car is borrowed.

If someone asks if the car is yours, tell them that it’s either borrowed or rented. There are chances that the person might follow you in future with your number plate, car color, and type if you told them the truth.

3. Tell the repairman you live with people.

Whether its a repairman or food delivery guy, if they are asking too many person questions, it is better to say you are expecting people. Saying that you live alone won’t help because there are chances that they might come again to harm you think that you are alone.

4. Always say you’re with or waiting for friends.

If you are in public space and someone is making you uncomfortable thinking that you are alone, tell them that you are waiting for your friends.

5. Cover your work or school ID on public transport.

When you are traveling using public transport, keep your ID safely inside your bag. It’s because someone might learn your name, phone number, or the place you stydy/ work and then, they might create problems.

6. Use your car alarm as a personal alarm.

If you are in some dark &  empty parking space and saw someone hanging around your car, you can use your car alarm as personal alarm.

7. Stand between the elevator control panel and the door.

When you do this, you can easily get out of the elevator. And this way, no one can make you feel uncomfortable.

8. Hang bells on your hotel doorknob.

When staying in a hotel or resort, you can place something on the handle of door or somewhere else that can alert you if someone is trying to get inside.

9. Give a man’s name when placing a food delivery order.

When placing a food delivery order, it is better give a man’s name to make sure you are safe.

10. Lie about your work schedule.

When someone is trying to know a lot about you, especially your movement or timings, say that you don’t have any fixed schedule.

11. Pretend you don’t speak the language.

Without getting any unnecessary attention, you can easily handle harassment by pretending like you aren’t understanding a word they are saying.