The nicest guy of Rock genre, Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and his band hit Missouri’s Kansas City on 12th October, Friday night. Foo Fighters then headlines the Sprint Center. At a point of time during the show, Dave Grohl called up a young musician, a 10-year-old boy to the stage. It turned out that the kid was a fan of Metallica and he sure as hell knew how to play a mean guitar.

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The scenario started with Dave Grohl asking the young musician his name to which the young boy replied Collier and then Grohl asked the kid if he knows how to play the guitar and the kid responded with a “yes.” The frontman of The Foo Fighters asked the young boy, “What songs does he know?” And the young musician Collier answered, “I know a lot of Metallica songs.”

Then Grohl was quite open about whether he knows a lot of Metallica songs but as soon as Collier started playing the iconic riff of Metallica’s Enter Sandman, Grohl threw his arms up in the air, and the rest of the Foo Fighters joined their frontman.

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Grohl did his best with the impression of James Hetfield, and soon the frontman of Foos started singing the first verse of “Enter Sandman” which then followed a chorus along with an exclamation “oh shit.”

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Grohl then cut off the band and said this is all they knew and asked Collier whether he knew any other Metallica’s songs, and then the 10-year-old musician launched “Welcome Home (Sanitarium),” and Grohl admitted that the boy knew more about Metallica and their songs than the Foos.

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Later, Grohl joked about Ed Sheeran saying that “He ain’t got nothing on Collier,” the Lego House singer, that night, played down the street.

Grohl then gifted the Kansas City resident, Collier saying that the tour is almost over so he must give the instrument to the kid.