Guys, a quick pop-up quiz. What does a 9-years-old kid usually do? He plays, sleeps, eats, and studies, right? Well, it seems like you are wrong because there is a small 9-years-old boy who is helping stray animals with his artistic skills. 

We know you might have read a lot of stories where people come forward to help street animals. But stories, where little kids are doing something amazing, really touches our heart. This story is about Pavel who has donated his watercolors and drawings of animals for the benefit of rescued and shelter animals. 

And he is back again to fill the life of stray animals with paw-sitivity. To know about all the things, we got in touch with Pavel’s mother Ekaterina. 

A year ago, an article went viral about a kid, who made watercolors to help the cause of shelter animals

“Hi! Maybe you don’t remember me; I’m the mother of Pavel Abramov, a young artist-benefactor. I want to thank you very much for what you did for the project. I believe it was due to your post in particular that it became so popular abroad, thanks to which the project is living and developing. Pasha had the opportunity to realize his helpful ideas and create his own art space with animals that need help. Thank you for all of our family.”

Pavel’s mother got into contact with us and gave an update, as well as a huge thanks

Pavel’s foundation has donated 3 tons of food and over 500,000 Rubles to a dog shelter over the year

“A lot has happened in our project this year. Pavel Abramov’s ‘Kind Brush’ is now an international movement to help animals in shelters. Today’s numbers: about 150 orders sent to 15 countries in the world and about 1000 orders in the queue. Thanks to this, it was possible to gain more than 3,000 kg of food, medicine, household items, repair materials, and household equipment at the shelter, more than 500,000 rubles to animal shelter ‘Life.’”

Pavel’s work supports shelters across a few cities

“Now the project serves animals from the ‘Life’ shelter in Arzamas and shelters in other cities. The shelter has launched sterilization programs for homeless animals, and food collection boxes to help shelter animals.”

He donates food, medicine, and repair materials to renew the shelters

Most importantly, he opened up a cat studio

“But the most important event of the year for us is the Art Pate creative cat studio. This is the workshop of Pavel and his friends. Here, together with his family and friends, he implements various ideas to help stray animals. Here, too, in the studio, homeless cats live in search of a home. We pick them up on the street, treat them, vaccinate them, get passports, and look for their new owners among our guests. You can come to Art Pate with your whole family or friends; the studio holds various educational and entertainment events to help animals.”

It is a home for cats

“Children learn to care for and properly handle animals. We regularly teach special kindness classes. A variety of educational and entertainment events to help animals are periodically held here.”

Pavel’s Art Pate ( Art Pashtet) makes workshops, educational and entertainment events to help shelter animals

“During the project’s existence, more than 20 events have been organized and held for the benefit of animals (including food collection campaigns, charity festivals, photo sessions and fairs, flash mobs and concerts, auctions, creative and master nights classes). All of this is born in Pasha’s head, and we, the parents, help him bring these ideas to life. At the same time, we don’t collect donations for ourselves—we work hard and donate funds for animals.”

The cats get vaccines, vet passports, and love as they wait for new owners

Here’s Pavel and his works

…And happy commissioners that support his good cause