Dogs are too good to be real.

Ever been in a situation where you are feeling miserable and lonely? But then you felt tiny paws touching your shoulder and comforting you? Well, that’s how adorable dogs are. If they see their favorite hooman sad, they do everything to make them happy. 

But do you know what? These cuties aren’t just good to us but they also love other animals. That’s another reason why we love these furry angels so much. If you want to see 10+ wholesome dogs who are too good for us, scroll down. 

P.S. These cuties and their actions will melt your heart <3

Leonard is a hero!

“A pelican befriended a stray dog who was often spotted hanging out all alone along the boat docks. The man who photographed this has adopted him but brings him back every day to see his friend, Petey the Pelican.”

“This is Jasper. He is my neighbor’s dog. I can’t leave the house much due to health issues, so anytime he sees me he RUNS back inside his house to bring me back out one of his favorite toys. Today was his duck. His record is 3 toys and a stick, all at once. What a champ. Be like Jasper.”

He did it!

“Friendship through the toughest of times.”

“This pitbull pulled out his teddy to show it to the dog of the other car.”

“Dog reaction before and after adoption.”

“Fifteen years later, still best friends.”

Same boot, 3 years later. How time flies!

“When you do not have a doggo but your neighbor does…”

Dogs wait for hospitalized owner outside his room.

“Proud mother of two.”

When you’re in time-out but your best bud won’t let you do time alone. Friendship Goals!

Doggo waiting for owner in cold.

Blind and deaf dog fosters rescue pets!

“This Is Floyd. He Was Born With Cerebral Hypoplasia Which Means He Can’t Walk Too Well. Today We Found Out He Fits In My 75 Liter Hiking Pack, So We Got To Take Him On His First Hike! He Seemed To Really Enjoy It”

“We Got A New Puppy Yesterday. I Asked My 4 Year Old To Put Him To Bed. This Is What I Came Back To”

“When Your Favorite Spot Shrinks With Time”

“Gus Gets Reconstructive Surgery”

“Neighbors Are A Big Fan Of Luna!”

Grandma’s boy!

“We Adopted A Greyhound That Was Super Skittish For Months And Was Very Suspicious Of Us. Tonight She Initiated Cuddles And My Heart Is Full”

“Who wants a belly rub?”

“Rescued tortoise is now a part of a Great Dane litter.”

“My Friend Lives Above A Punk Bar And Sent Us This Pic Of Her Dog And The Regulars”

“My neighbor’s sweet dog found a moth. It was suggested I post this here, too.”

“My Friend Just Texted “Adopted A Dog Yesterday”…. With This Pic”

“Andy Has Slept In My Bed With Me For The Past 8 Years And He Still Puts His Head On The Edge Of The Bed To Ask Permission To Jump On”

“It Has Taken 2 Years Since We Adopted Her, But Reba Has Dropped More Than Half Her Weight And I Couldn’t Be More Proud Of Her.”

13/10 good doggo.

Boy found his lost dog.

“He had a long day.”

“Can we keep her?”

“He found his new best friend!!”