Most women in the world feel unsafe to travel alone. Thanks to the people who have made women believe that the world is not a safe space for them. But several women have come up and spoken about how their desire to travel alone and have been wondering how to do it safely.

Recently, TikTok user Maggie shared a view on safety tips for women, and it went viral.

“So I like camping alone in the woods as a woman,” says Maggie in one of her videos. The author continued explaining how she wanted to share some tips with other women because “everyone is freaking out about her doing this but it turned out okay.”

TikTok creator Maggie went out camping in the woods all by herself, freaking her family out

We reached out to Maggie Clark, the creator behind this series of TikTok videos. She is a Canadian-based nutritionist and podcast host (Nutrition Bites Podcast) who loves to camp and move outdoors. “We have such wonderful nature in Canada and it’s always been an interest of mine to explore it,” she told Hiptoro.

She further told us, that she has recently joined TikTok and is still getting used to it. “I browsed for a long time and tested out a few videos but didn’t find it was the right fit for me.”

However, when she came back from her trip, Maggie was really excited and inspired to motivate other women to try camping alone. And decided to share that message using TikTok. “I threw together a little video and put it out there. I never thought it would attract as much attention as it has, but overall I’m really happy people are seeing it and I hope it encourages more people, not just women, to try solo camping!”

Since her camping trip turned out just fine, she is now sharing some safety tips to help other women feel safer when out in the woods alone

“I’ve gone camping with friends for many years, but never thought to do it alone. I always thought I lacked the skill to do it by myself and was worried about my safety,” the content creator told Hiptoro.

“Earlier this year I wanted to go camping but I couldn’t find any friends who were available. I then watched the movie WILD starring Reese Witherspoon and that inspired me to try it alone,” Maggie recounted and added that “I practiced a few camping skills  while I was still home to feel more comfortable and also made the trip short incase I experienced any issues.”

Maggie also suggested getting gadgets that make a lot of noise

According to Maggie, she is most scared before the trip. “Whenever I told people of my plans they responded with comments like ‘you’re so brave’ or ‘I could never do that which made me question if I was making the right choice. Once I was out camping however I realized it was quite easy and a lot of fun!”

Among other things you should find useful when camping out in the woods is a pocket knife and headlamp

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Maggie got encouragement and support from many other women on TikTok.

“The comment section on my TikTok video became a battleground about sexual assault, with a lot of people taking issue with the fact that I had focused the content on women’s safety,” she said. “In reality, all of the tips I shared can be used by anyone camping alone – regardless of their gender.”

Maggie concluded the interview by saying, that she loved to camp, but her ultimate passion in life is to talk and spread awarness about nutritionion. “I encourage you to check out my podcast called Nutrition Bites (available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and all streaming services) and Instagram @nutritionbitespodcast,” she said.

More women joined in to comment on how they keep themselves safe while out in the woods