Have you ever wondered by women in movies get misinterpreted in movies? Why can’t movies have strong women driven roles that make them relatable to the real world? Well, these examples from the classic movies and TV shows represent women in unrealistic ways. If you haven’t noticed these things before, you’ll surely get a chance to realise what we are trying to say.

1. If A Woman Wants To Be Tough, She Needs To Have Brothers

The law in movies that states; a woman can only be tough when she is taught by a man to be like that.

2. Eating Food Sensually

Eating food items like strawberries, grapes, popsicle sensually is to seek sexual attention from a man. Whereas, women look nothing close to sensual while eating food.

3. Instant Love

Why is it that women have to instantly fall in love with the male lead of the film the moment she sees him for the first time?

4. Wrapping The Bed Sheet Around Yourself

In movies, women cover themselves in a bedsheet after doing the deed. It is the most common way directors use to hide skin in a sensual role.

5. “Masked Saviours”

Why women superhero need a mask to cover their face?

6. Walking With Linked Arms

Is it always necessary to represent women as dumb characters in a movie?

7. The Classic Trip And Fall

The trip and fall before saving them in the movies is a classic choice for all moviemakers.c

8. Looking Stunning After The Shower

Women look as simple and weird as men after a bath or just when the wake-up.

9. Women Don’t Wear Button Ups To Bed

10. Running In Heels

Waling in heels for real is one hell of a task. Imagine running in them would be such a dreadful thing to do?

11. Throwing Engagement Rings Away

returning the engagement ring would be a better way to deal with a breakup, rather than throwing it away.

12. A Woman Will Succumb To A Man’s Advances If He Is Aggressive Enough

This shouldn’t be encouraged because it will give men a chance to dominate women for man more years.

13. Girls In High School Are Either Dumb, Clumsy And Popular

All college based movies and tv shows represent women as dumb, high-class brats that have only fashion sense and absolutely no brain.

14. Women Like Wonder Woman Should Be Hairier

15. Women At High School Parties Are Nuts

Girls at school parties have to act crazy because they got no sense to behave around boys.

16. Women Often Borrow Men’s Jackets

Women in real life carry jackets if the weather is cold. However, in movie they need to borrow a jacket all the time.

17. Shaving Heads In A Climatic Moment

Several women shave their heads for various reasons. But when a woman shaves her head in the movies, it is the most iconic moments.

18. The Classic “Take Off The Glasses And She’s Suddenly Gorgeous”

Girl with specs is a nerd, and as soon as she removes it, oh boy that’s a beauty makeover.

19. Or the “Makeover That Increases The Social Status”

Post the makeover, the girl’s social status changes. And she gets attention for every damn person.

20. The Quick Orgasm

Orgasm in five seconds is a dream.

21. Looking Good Even In An Apocalypse

22. Wearing Their Hair Down While Saving The World

23. Changing Their Hair Color So Quickly

24. They Only Talk About Guys With Their Friends

25. The Matching PJs

26. Pillow Fights At Sleepovers

27. Randomly Making Out

28. Women In Movies Never Eat At Restaurants

29. Random Bathtub Stuff

30. Using Electronics In The Bath

31. The Clothing Montage

32. Women Never Have Jobs To Support Their Beautiful Apartments