Can you decode what your dog is trying to say just by looking at the expression? Well, sometimes you can but you have to agree that most of the time you also get confused. And you are not alone. There are so many people just like you who are also trying hard to understand why the dog stares while pooping? Why do dogs jump when they see us? Why do they destroy everything that is in their way? Or why they don’t like our friends? 

There are a hell lot of questions that cross our mind whenever we see our dog reacting in a specific way. But hopefully, now you don’t have to worry because we at Hiptoro has lifted the veil from 10 common dog reactions. So go on and read ‘em all if you don’t want to get puzzled the next time. 

1. They stare when they’re pooping.

You might have noticed your dog starting you whenever he is pooping. Well, some dog parents believe that it’s their way of asking for some privacy. But scientists say that when dogs are pooping, they are in a vulnerable condition. It’s because they can’t fight or flight if there is danger around. So they stare their humans to make sure they are around them.

2. And believe that you should do the same.

We, of course, need some privacy but our dogs think that “if my human is there, I must be there too.” It’s just that a dog starts experiencing separation anxiety even if we are right behind the doors. 

3. They jump when they see us.

Some people might think that the jumping habit of dogs is a little dangerous. It’s because they might rip our clothes, injure us or simply knock us down. However, the truth is different. It’s just that dogs like to greet their friends straight by looking into their eyes and by licking them. But, of course, humans are a little taller. So dogs just jump high to make eye contact because they are so happy to meet us. 

4. They run and hide when we want to go for a walk.

Oh yes, dogs are supposed to love walks. But some dogs try to hide when you are taking them for a walk. Mostly a dog does it because it’s a fun game for him. However, it is also possible that your dog is simply afraid of that leash. Maybe because the leash makes him comfortable or the dog thinks you are taking him to a groomer or vet.

5. They destroy everything in their way.

Dogs can be really destructive sometimes. And that time, all a dog owner wants to do is run away from home and never come back. But do you know why a dog damages everything in its way? It can either happen because they are teething or experiencing separation anxiety.

6. They drag their butts across the floor.

If your dog drags its butt across the floor, it’s not funny. Try and understand that a dog does it when he is feeling itchy or is in pain. So rather than laughing, take him to a good vet.

7. They eat poop.

Eating poop is actually one of the most disgusting habits of dogs. It can happen because of thyroid disease, diet deficiency in nutrition & calories, or parasites. It can also happen because they need our attention. So take your dog to a vet to know about the exact reason. 

8. They do not like our friends.

If your dog does not like your friends, it can indicate that your furry friend is a bit jealous. Or he simply wants to keep you away from suspicious people.

9. They sigh like old men.

If you hear a sigh, do not get worried because even dogs tend to make this sound. It’s their way of telling that they are fully relaxed. However, if your dog is making this sound quite often, you should take him to a vet because it might indicate that he is not well. 

10. They walk in circles before lying down.

The secret of why dogs circle before lying down has been revealed. Yay! This behavior was hard-wired by the dog’s ancestors. Back then, dogs did not have comfortable beds to sleep in. So they used to pat the grass to make a comfortable space for taking a nap. This also indicates that it’s their territory.