Does your dog know what a FENCE means? Or does he just ignore it?

Fences, what are they? It seems like our dogs do not understand the concept of fences at all. That’s why whenever these cuties see fences, they think of them as some kind of obstacle that they have to cross. 

If your doggo also doesn’t understand what a fence is, you are not alone. Scroll down to see more such cuties who get confused seeing fences.  

1. He wouldn’t stop poking his face through this fence so…

We made it a photo booth!

2. You are planning to jump, aren’t you?

“Of course not, hooman. I was just admiring the color of this beautiful fence”

3. A good vantage point, maybe?

That is a cool shot though!

4. Look at these sneaky little puppers!

“Pssh, let me try to get in first!”

5. I don’t think that’s a good idea.

“If only I could dig through this stupid fence!”

6. They are too curious to know what’s on the other side!

Doggos be like, “Bob, are you seeing what I am seeing? It’s a whole new world here!”

7. Oh lord! Such a CUTIE!

“Hello, ma’am. I’m Mr. Cuddles, can I have some food?”

8. Little fence for little doggo.

But he still decided to cross it out of curiosity!

9. Dapper!

“Aye, what you lookin’ at? This is my territory!”

10. Don’t hurt yourself!

“Hey, look at me, I can climb through it!”