You can pick your favorite dog breed and take sides but you can’t deny the fact that German Shepherds are the best. This adorable dog breed looks majestic and is perfect in every way. 

But if you don’t like this dog breed, you will after seeing these.

1. Just look at those beautiful, piercing eyes.

According to Dog Time,

“The German Shepherd owes part of his renown to a small puppy who was plucked from a bullet- and bomb-riddled breeding kennel in France during World War I by Corporal Lee Duncan. At the end of the war, Duncan brought the puppy back to his hometown of Los Angeles, trained him, and turned him into one of the most famous dogs in showbiz: Rin Tin Tin.”

2. Did you know that there are black German Shepherds?

They are absolutely gorgeous. Their coat is so silky and shiny!

3. There are also German Shepherds with stunning white coats.

How beautiful is this dog? He would fit in perfectly in a snowy landscape.

4. They are some of the most adorable puppies on the planet.

As puppies, German Shepherds know how to work the big puppy eyes. When they look at you like this, your heart just melts.

5. No, really. Cutest puppies ever.

Just look at that sweet face. How could you ever say no to him?

6. For some reason, a tuxedo seems like proper attire for such a majestic dog.

This pup looks so dignified in his tuxedo. We would certainly take him as a wedding date.

7. Even when they’re being silly, they can’t help but be photogenic.

Even as goofy puppies, these guys always know how to pose. This little puppy could be a model!

8. They can’t help but look like royalty.

“German shepherd dogs are, as their name implies, a breed that originated in Germany. They were developed beginning in the late 1800s by crossing various herding breeds. The breed was subjected to stringent selection and it progressed quickly,” Hills Pet says on their website.

9. Did we mention how sweet and precious they are when they’re puppies?

Just look at this little guy! Have you ever seen anything cuter?

10. Always regal.

German Shepherds are one of America’s most popular dog breed for a good reason. They are incredibly loyal, extremely smart, and not to mention versatile.

German Shepherds are known for excelling at almost anything they are trained to do. This is why they make such wonderful companions in the service, search and rescue, military, and police fields, just to name a few.