Cats are evil.

We all love cats because they are the cutest pets. Not only are they adorable, they are also independent and curious. Besides, they bring joy to our lives and can make amazing lifelong companions.

But anyone  who has ever owned a cat knows that cats are not always fluffy balls of goodness. They can turn from cute creatures to grumpy and moody monsters within a short span of time. They like to sharpen their claws on our furniture, unroll all the toilet paper, sleep on our beds.

There is no doubt that cats are the naughtiest pets on earth. But no matter how naughty and stubborn they are, we still love them so much.

We found a bunch of these evil cat moments on the internet, and wanted to share them with you guys. we are sure that these little monsters will make you laugh out loud.

Here we have collected 26 photos of naughty cats that prove they’re cute little monsters:

1. He owns the house.

2. “Head-bump loving cats are the worst when they have the cone of shame!”

3. “Oh, were you going to cook something in that?”

4. “It only lasted 12 hours.”

5. Sorry, not sorry.

6. “Our local shelter just posted a photo of a cat that got adopted, I think he likes his new home.”

7. We know what’s about to come.

8. “She did it and she doesn’t care.”

9. “This looks like a comfortable spot.”

10. “Your WiFi is going to be down for a few hours because I’m cold.”

11. “He pushed the middle towel off the bed so he could snuggle between the other 2.”

12. “The cat knocked my daughter’s fishbowl off the dresser.”

13. “I think I’ll just… Yep, this is a good place.”

They might be tiny, but they are capable of creating havoc more than anyone else. Their appearance makes them look innocent and vulnerable, but trust me, they are the devil in disguise. It is like they feed off of their owner’s misery. So, if you’re planning to adopt a cat, don’t say we didn’t warn you. It’ll be worth it though.

14. “I don’t know what happened to the toilet roll, mom.”

15. “My wife and our cat, Olivia, are in a constant battle for control of my wife’s pregnancy pillow. Yesterday, the cat won.”

16. Just buy new curtains.

17.“My cat after I tried taking back my laptop.”

18. “I swear I’ll do it.”

19. “My cat scratches the couch and sits on the scratching post.”

20. “Here’s where my cat chose to pee.”

21. “She looked guilty for a split second, then continued with her rampage.”

22. “My cat really enjoys my dog’s new bed.”

23. “This is what I woke up to today…”

24. Got you!

25. “My cat occasionally visits our neighbours. Today she came back with a little snack.”

26. “Get a cat, they said. They provide emotional support, they said.”

What do you think of these hilarious stories? Does your cat create chaos too? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

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