We have said many times that we don’t deserve dogs but what about cats? Do we deserve them? Maybe we don’t because they are too adorable . They literally melt our hearts and we are sort of obsessed with them. Aren’t we?

But did you know that cats are not just adorable but they also relieve stress? That’s right! According to a study done 20 years ago, it was revealed that cats can lower stress levels and make us feel better. In fact, people who own cats are 40% less likely to die from a heart attack and that’s a pretty impressive number.

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While many claims to be dog people, there are more than 80 million cats in America alone coming second to fish. Well, if you don’t have a cat, you can at least enjoy their shenanigans by looking at some of the most adorable cats pictures.

Scroll down to see 10 of the best pictures that prove cats are too cute to handle.

The dog just doesn’t want anyone to hurt his baby.

Even if cats may like the sun doesn’t mean they like getting it in their eyes.

Everyone needs to stretch now and again especially cats since we all know the weird positions they sleep in.

He just wants to be tucked into bed, that is all.

This is what is professionally known as an adorable small blep.

This cat clearly wants more scritches.

We all know cats are part liquid and can fit in anything as shown in this picture.

These both just wanted a cuddle as one does.

Lizards may be toxic to cats but this kitty is stuck in a predicament.

How can one not give her belly scratches? it would be a crime against humanity!