Guys, it’s time for another dog meme that will improve your health. Scroll down to the end because the memes get better and better.

10. The afterwoof

Checks out, I’m pretty sure that’s an actual cloud.

9. Fuzzballs

You better keep an eye out for these troublemakers.

8. The sniffy betrayal

I will never forgive you until four seconds from now when I forget.

7. Snuggle up

Do you like this art I had commissioned of us?

6. Canine Karen

These dry bones are far too dry. Who can I speak to to make this right?

5. Dog day afternoon

Hey man, nobody can stop you.

4. Woofday

TGIF – thank God it’s fluffy.

3. Get down to it

Somebody said “lay down” and she just went for it.

2. The excite

No matter how many hundreds of times it happens.

1. Fawning over you

These creatures are too precious for us.