Cats mature very quickly.

You cannot believe your eyes how fast the transformation of tiny and fluffy kittens takes place. They come into your life in the size that they can fit in your palm, and it’s just like time flies and you fail to understand how they transform into such beautiful and graceful cats. Scroll down to see the before and after images of these adorable cats.

Growing into the guitar case.

Whether big or small, the shoebox will forever be the best place to sleep.

Time to switch to a bigger sink.

Once a baby, always a baby!

Some habits never change.

The holy trinity.

“Draw me like one of your french girls.”

Rescue cat Then Vs Now!

Favorite toy for life.

If I fits, I sits, and you can’t tell me otherwise!

Growing in the sink hits different.

Oh my heart.

18 years of friendship still going strong!

That’s clearly his favorite couch.

Nothing says comfort like sleeping in your favorite bed.

I’m still a baby, Mom.

Nothing beats the joy of growing old with your best friend.

Stuff toys are sacred.

Sleep overs with BFF never go out of style.

Getting chonky with your best mate. Cat Goals 101

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