Hoomans hear us loud and clear- sometimes your actions can disappoint your dogs! We totally understand you would never hurt your dog but in some way or another, you do. It can be anything (literally anything) that can piss your dog off like you not giving him enough attention, petting other pets, or anything else.

To show how some pet parents are really testing the patience of their pets, we have collected some evidence. See each picture carefully and avoid irritating your furry friend from the next time. Ok?

You let strangers pet your dog.

Do you let strangers pet your cute and adorable dog? If yes, stop doing it ASAP because it is one of the few things that your furry friend just doesn’t like about you. Of course, your doggo is not going to say how much he hates it but you can understand it from his expression. So if the next time someone asks you if they can pet your dog, say NO! 

You haven’t set a daily routine for your dog.

Tell us one thing honestly- have you or have you not set a routine for your dog? If you haven’t, you should do it now. See, just like other animals, your dog also has a biological clock. And if this clock is not followed, get ready to see your dog sad and sulky all day.

To keep your dog happy, all you have to do is feed him, train him, and take him for walks at the same time regularly. In just a few weeks, you are going to notice a great change in your furry friend’s behavior.

You like to dress up your dog.

Do you like to dress up your dog? Of course, you do because after dressing up, dogs look no less than cute little angels. But here’s a reality check- your furry friend does not like it. You can definitely put on a coat or sweater if your dog is cold but that costume, hat, and jewelry is just too much.

You pull on your dog’s leash.

You might think that you are keeping your dog under control but when you pull on your furry friend’s leash, you are actually pissing him off. When you go on a walk with your pet, let him sniff around and go near trees because it’s his way of understanding the surrounding territories.

You don’t take your dog’s fear of water seriously.

If there is one thing that you should start taking seriously, it is your dog’s fear of water. Your cute dog is really very scared of going into the water. And if you want your furry friend to take a bath without getting scared, you must do a couple of things. You can start by placing a slip-resistant mat at the bottom of the tub followed by some compliments and tasty treats.

You yell at your dog.

We understand that sometimes dogs can be really difficult to handle. They can just go on breaking things and playing in the mud. But this does not give you a blank check to yell at them. If your dog is behaving a certain way, it can be because you have not trained him properly. So don’t yell at him as it will only make everything worse. Instead, try to make your furry friend everything in a better way.

You tease your pet.

You might enjoy teasing your dog but it seems like your furry friend does not enjoy this thing. Long story short- don’t do it.

You don’t play with your dog enough.

Wait.. what? Are you not playing with your dog? Well, you should start giving enough time to your dog because he might think that you don’t love him as much as loves you.

You leave your pet alone.

Well, I mean I am home alone

Nothing makes a dog sadder than staying alone in a house. Do you know why? It is because a dog is a social animal and all it wants is to stay out, meet with new people, and play. But when you don’t do it, your furry friend just stays in a place waiting for you to return.

You are depressed.

If you noticed that your dog has become sad lately, try to cheer up your mood first. According to research, it has been seen that if pet parents are not happy, pets also don’t feel good. So stay happy and keep your furry friends happy.