Hello, people!

Are you ready for the cat v/s dog fight? Oh, well, you are ready and we know it. And we also know that by now, you might have also picked the sides. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you because even we have picked sides. (Wink-Wink)

But it doesn’t matter whether you are in the team cat or dog because both of them are equally amazing and awesome. Definitely, people are fighting for decades to decide whether dogs are better or cats. But deep down, we all secretly know that both of them are simply the best. 

To show you how these two cuties are totally different yet amazing, we have shared some of the hilarious illustrations that show the difference between dogs and cats. 

1. Here’s how a dog would get excited to see you vs a cat.

Um, that’s fine. They are just independent little creatures but cute!

2. The famous puppy eyes thing when your dog seeks attention from you.

Meanwhile, the cats love attention as well but just in a different way.

3. A dog would eat anything, everything!

Cats are choosy, of course! So, make sure you have a good variety of food to please them!

4. Well, this should be self-explanatory, don’t you think?

Cats are the boss! Always have been. Everything belongs to them, even your soul. 🙂

5. Here’s a perfect depiction of a man’s best friend, isn’t it?

Don’t judge our little felines, they are scared of going outside. Let them chill inside the house.

6. Dogs are disciplined creatures as you can tell by the way and the places they sleep into.

Meanwhile the cats, well, they would sleep anywhere, everywhere. Even on your face!

7. Both creatures love to play but they have their own ways of doing that.

Both can be destructive while playing!

8. Dogs would enjoy and love it when you’d lift them in your arms.

Um… the cats are not a fan of that.

9. The cats be like, “Why are you being so clingy hooman? Stop it!”

Meanwhile, the dogs are like, “Hooman, let me lick you & give you all my affection and love”

10. Dogs are obedient little creatures.

The cats? HAHA, they are the BOSS. You are their servant. Worship them.