Just like humans, animals also experience so many things for the first time. But what we are so much in love with is their reactions. Because their precious and pure reactions never fail to win our hearts.

Here are some wholesome first-time experiences with pets and animals.

Seeing kittens for the first time.

Seeing a kangaroo.

Seeing snow.

Meeting baby for the first time.

Polar bear cub in snow for the first time.

Vacuum cleaner.

Sleeping inside for the first time.

Going out for the first time.

Seeing a Christmas tree.

Seeing the sun.

Cat in snow.

Seeing the ceiling fan move.

First train ride.

Meeting baby.

Getting kicked out.

Seeing kittens.

A dog experiencing snow for the first time.

Watching the snowfall from the window.

Cub climbing a tree.

The first fight with a cat.

Ducklings leaving their nest.

Indoors cat going outside.

Tasting the air.

Eating a lime.

Scared of the vacuum cleaner.