OnePlus recently announced their newest phone, OnePlus 7 Pro, which has some unique features. It packs a big display, triple camera setup, and the slickest custom Android called Oxygen OS.

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At first glance, OnePlus 7 Pro might look like a refined version of OnePlus 6. However, there are several new features that additions like the pop selfie camera.

However, there are some features in the device that will make your life easier. So we have compiled a list of 10 cool things that you can do on your OnePlus 7 Pro.

1.A big beautiful bezel-less display

OnePlus 7 Pro has a big beautiful screen that offers accurate and vibrant colors.

OnePlus 7 Pro

Unlike most of the phones in the market, OnePlus 7 Pro has a full screen without any notch. The phone also boasts a display clocked at 90 Hz which provides lag-free gaming and viewing experience.

This high refresh rate makes the animation look crazy fast and snappy.

2.Zen Mode: Take a break

It might sound unnatural, but every tech giant is working to help users reduce their smartphone usage. OnePlus has introduced its application that allows the user to reduce their phone usage.

Zen Mode

A fan suggested Zen Mode on their community forum. It disables everything which makes the phone unusable for 20 minutes and it can’t be overridden.

It could help people break the cycle of smartphone addiction.

3.Gesture Controls

Since OnePlus has gone with the full-screen display, they had to redesign the navigation controls.

The new OnePlus gestures allow the user to navigate throughout the UI with one hand and simple movements.

4.An improved and fast In-Display Fingerprint sensor

Many companies have used the in-display fingerprint sensor, but none came close to OnePlus when it comes to the unlocking speed.

The company has worked its magic, and the phone unlocks in a zing.

5.Reading Mode

Even though OxygenOS is pretty much a stock Android experience OnePlus do add some cool features.

Reading Mode is one such feature when enabled it to turn the screen colors to grayscale and your phone becomes an e-reader.

It helps the user to read the ebooks in the dark and reduces the strains on the eyes.

6.Hidden/Pop-Up Selfie Camera

OnePlus managed to achieve the all screen design after it used a pop selfie camera.

OnePlus 7 Pro Camera

Whenever a user switches to the front camera, the pop-up mechanism activates, and a camera pops out and slides back in after the work is done.

OnePlus gives an option to change the onscreen navigation button. It allows users to switch the place of back and recent buttons which are locked in place in some other variants of Android.

It also offers an option to turn off the on-screen buttons completely.

8.Alert Slider and ways to customize

OnePlus was one of the first company to introduce the alert slider on an Android device.

OnePlus 7 Pro Alert Slider

OnePlus 7 Pro has three slider position for three sound profiles.

9.A triple camera setup at a budget

OnePlus 7 Pro boasts a triple camera setup that has additional zoom capabilities.

OnePlus 7 Pro Triple Camera

The primary camera is 48MP alongside are a 16MP wide-angle sensor and a third camera sensor being used for 3X zoom without losing quality.

OnePlus have added a reliable night mode that helps in capturing photos in low light conditions.

10.Support for parallel Apps

OnePlus 7 Pro can run an app at two instances at the same time.

Even though third-party solutions exist, they are mostly janky and hard to use.

It allows the user to run a particular app with two different accounts logged in at the same time. However, OnePlus has capped the number of instances for Social Media apps, which is obvious.

Final Thoughts

OnePlus 7 Pro has the best hardware in the market, which is coupled with a very slick and clean Android OS.

This list showcases all the features and capabilities and is a reminder that phones at mid-range are a viable option.