Awww! You have purchased that cute bed from Amazon by spending all of your money? That’s so sweet. But darling, we are sorry to break it to you that your furry friend just doesn’t care how much money you have spent on purchasing the bed. 

We don’t understand why but these furry angels simply refuse to sleep on the bed. It’s that they would sleep under the bed or on the side of the bed. You can scroll down to see dogs’ relationship with their beds. 

Maybe this little guy was dreaming about something…

“Hooman, I would really appreciate it if you put down your phone and help me out of this weird dog trap called bed.”

Where’s the dog? Look under the bed. *Face palm*

This one is trying to fit in.

This one is still trying to figure it out.

“Maybe it’s a pillow. Even if it isn’t I would still be using it as one.”

This one is using its bed as a foot rest.

Sofa bed?

Okay, this one clearly has other priorities.

“Bed? What’s that!?”