Just like humans, dogs are also afraid of something. And when they encounter what they are afraid of most, they act weird (totally weird). In the list of ridiculous things that our furry friends are afraid of water, thunder, and vacuums are on the top. But it’s mostly the water that creeps the hell out of them. 

Yes, of course, some dogs can overcome the fear of water but not all. And we have found some funny pictures that prove this thing. If you want to know how much dogs hate water, keep scrolling. 

Tsunami.. Let’s ruuuuun!

No, please no! I don’t want to swim!

Why it’s so wet and cold?!

We didn’t do anything wrong! Why did they punish us?

No,no,no… Maybe next time…

Just don’t leave me! Please, don’t leave me!

It’s so cold!!!

Don’t panic, just don’t panic! You are totally fine

It was the last time I agreed to swim with you

If you also have any such pictures where your dog is scared of water, don’t forget to share it with us.