baby animals

The current news and scenario on the social media platform is really disheartening. There is just too much for us to handle and operate sanely. There ought to be things that could liven up and boost our mood.

Well, for one there is nothing more adorable than pictures of baby animals. Here my friends is a list of baby animals that are really sweet and cute. Scroll down for the cuddling pictures.

Go, Tiny Turtle!

Go, Tiny Turtle

Grow, prosper, and become the grumpy dinosaur we know you have deep inside of you.



It’s hard to tell what kind of bird that is from the pic, but it’s a baby turkey. Yes, that little cutie will grow up to be a terrifying monster bird.

“My Corn.”

My Corn

That’s a lot of corn for one little bunny, but I wouldn’t risk trying to take the cob away. It could turn into a Monty Python sketch.

What Makes A Baby Wombat Cuter? Swaddling.

What Makes A Baby Wombat Cuter? Swaddling

This sleepy dude is so zen. It makes me want to snuggle up in a cozy blanket and nap.

Look At This Pink Bean.

Look At This Pink Bean

People’s opinions on whether or not rats are cute may be divided, but this baby is adorable. Look at those widdle whiskers.

Tongue For Days.

Tongue For Days

If you thought anteaters might need to grow into their impressive tongues, you’d be wrong.

I See Your Bunny And Raise You Seven More.

I See Your Bunny And Raise You Seven More

Admittedly, I couldn’t decide between the first bunny and this entire bundle. This is my list, so I can have both.

1705 Grams Of Cuteness

1705 Grams Of Cuteness

I’m not sure if the bowl is included in the calculation of this baby orangutan’s weight, but I would assume it was accounted for. Either way, it’s so tiny!

Baby Camels Look Like Cartoons

Baby Camels Look Like Cartoons

If you told me it has little furry wheels for legs, I’d believe you. Apparently, baby camels have short Lil’ legs. So the fur and skin just pool cutely until the baby grows into it.

Oh Hey, Human!

O Hai, Human!

You cannot say “no” to those eyes. Holding a cookie, a hot dog, your credit card? Too bad, it belongs to this cutie now.

Cuddle Time!

This is why puppies get away with absolutely anything. Is every left shoe you own chewed to bits? Yep, but look at that face!

Om Nom Tail.

And thus, a life-long obsession with chasing it was born. And a life-long obsession with how cute and funny it is when the kitty does

Baby Trash Pandas Are Cute Too!

Admittedly, the human-like hands are still kind of weirding me out, but it’s so tiny and brown. Not a hint of the garbage bandit it could grow up to be.

Not One, But So Many Baby Goats

Hopping. In sweaters. You’re welcome.

Seriously, I want this gif on a loop included with every news story from now on.

Work It, Piglet!

or perhaps I should say, “twerk it”. I think it’s actually rubbing against the table leg, but it’s still adorable.

This Tiny Octopus Is Motoring

Look at it go! I’m in the camp that finds octopuses fascinating but also kind of terrifying. This is adorable, though.

Baby Pandas Are In Their Own League.

I mean, half of you were probably wondering how I could possibly have made this entire list without including one.

You’re right. So I did.