If you’re an active TikTok user, you must have heard of the Zepotha trend going viral over the past few days. A content creator started the movement that caught the attention of millions of users on the social media platform. The trend is based on a 1980s indie horror movie that doesn’t even exist. Quite odd, right?

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What is the Zepotha Trend?

Although Zepotha was never actually created in the 1980s, it is being talked about like it was a popular horror movie from that era. Emily Jeffri, an Indie musician and TikTok content creator, recently shared a series of videos explaining this trend that has become a sensation on the app.

On Saturday, August 12th, Emily posted a video that gave people the chance to make a hypothetical 80s horror movie called Zepotha. She asked viewers to comment on thirst trap videos and suggest that the people in the videos are characters from the film, confusing them in the process.

Zepotha, Jeffri

Emily Jeffri’s video quickly became a sensation, accumulating more than 2.4 million views. The concept evidently piqued the interest of many viewers and struck a chord with viewers, prompting them to join the virtual trend. And all those who were not familiar with Emily’s original video were left puzzled trying to search for the movie on the internet.

Twitterati Joined The Trend

While the movement started out on TikTok, it was spreading like wildfire on other social media apps like X, formerly known as Twitter. Many followers and users joined the trend and posted on X about their thoughts on Zepotha.

People who followed Emily Jeffri’s directions were successful in inventing a few fictitious queer characters, such as Maxine, Alaina/Alaine, Cole, and Danny from the movie Zepotha, and in doing so they also established an acceptable narrative.

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that forest scene in zepotha was insane
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People complaing about the #zepotha trend are so boring...

Anyway here's Danny 💕
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Messy Matt is working on coms 🍓
So I just finished watching Zepotha and I am OBSESSED with Danny and Cole so much oh my god
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On the other hand, there were other users who were pretty fed up with the trend and could not hold in their frustrations. There were users who were getting annoyed by the amount of comments they were coming across on every other trending video regarding the made-up horror movie.

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lilac (commissions open)
this zepotha tiktok bullshit is fucking annoying and I hate all of it
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eden 🕸️ \\ edtwt
the zepotha trend is so annoying ngl
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According to a Reddit user, it looks like Emily Jeffri has come up with the Zepotha bit in preparation for their upcoming music release Soundtrack for an 80s Horror Movie, as evidenced by the song featured in her video as well as the hashtag “#newmusic”.

Though many remain unaware of the made-up 80s horror movie and have asked others to assist in finding the movie online so they can experience the same nostalgia that others are enjoying. However, the internet is enjoying the trend and has suggested to these users that the movie isn’t available on the internet since they only existed on VHS tapes and DVDs.